Crowd Soft offers data storage and management assistance to help you in running of your business. We erase all troubles in managing your business data due to poor data storage facilities and assist with data management by upgrading storage infrastructure through various effective storage technologies. Offering clients with storage infrastructure at a cheaper cost, enabling them to improve their businesses and minimize data management costs.


Crowd Soft offers storage technologies for future perspective and helps organizations to transform the storage of any business which enables consolidation, virtualization, and acceleration of enterprise applications with unmatched economics. Crowd Soft understands that databases are the lifeblood of enterprise applications. Whether your databases support transaction processing, data warehousing, or real-time analytics applications, they must deliver quick and consistent access to time-sensitive information. Crowd Soft uses Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays for a simplified management and to lower the costs. This also offers better protection for your data. Crowd Soft not only integrates centralized storage with distributed caches to consolidate management, but also distributes access across the organization.

We ensure that clients do not face risks of losing data with flawless storage facilities that we offer. Clients who are using our data storage software are assured of increased efficacy in their business operations. We aim at making software services affordable to all our clients, whether they are running big or small businesses.

Besides, the fast growing world of business requires business owners to keep up with new developments including on how to upgrade data storage facilities, a service that they can get from us. Business owners will definitely be sure of rapidly transforming their businesses when they access simplified data management at a cheaper cost from us. We have a committed team of trained staff who are willing to assist in case clients encounter challenges with the software.