Company Profile

Crowd is a Software development company focusing on designing professional client server, standalone software and websites for businesses like yours. We are the name to trust when it comes to design a web or software. Our software and web design services range from simple all the way to custom programming. We service all types of companies, from small start-up companies to multimillion dollar a year companies. We also have many clients nationwide that have picked us to be their software and web Design Company. The software and websites we design are unique and creative and each design is custom based off your needs.

While avoiding the risks of remote teams working in unknown environments, CROWD has successfully established itself as one of the preferred service providers to more than 100 customers across the globe.

Crowd Software was founded in 2012 and has grown from modest beginnings to become a leader in the fields of web technologies, software application development and graphic design. Based of texas, US, CROWD is one of the fastest growing Software Services companies in the SME sector.

We employ in excess 45 individuals who continue to share the same passion and belief in our organizational Crowd values that we present when we were first established.

The organization has been harnessing the potential of internet and emerging technologies to service our global customers, helping them enhance the quality of their offerings and being competitive at the same time.

Crowd sole aim remains to consistently deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. A partnership with CROWD dramatically increases quality while reducing timelines and operating costs, often by more than 60%.

Quality Policy

Crowd Consulting is a leading supplier of high quality IT projects, solutions and services to production industry worldwide. Our quality policy is based on understanding customer needs and striving to provide high quality tools and services which meet customer expectations. To help achieve this, Crowd’s management is committed to implementing a management system based on International standards to maintain the high levels of quality and service offered to its clients, whilst also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its internal business processes.

The management system covers all of the activities of the company and provides for the planning of businesses processes, for their resourcing and implementation, and for the analysis of data gathered through monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the business processes in delivering the required products and services to the clients.

We supplement the policy by setting business objectives for the continuous improvement of business performance and enhancing customer satisfaction. Objectives are set by top management and reviewed annually. We provide and manage the resources necessary to deliver our Objectives, and to provide a safe and suitable work environment for our employees.

The fulfillment of policy and objectives requires the involvement and commitment of staff. To achieve this Crowd employs a performance management process which identifies competency requirements for all staff, and, provides for objectives based appraisal and incentives, career development, analysis of training needs and training.

We shall ensure that this policy and related objectives are communicated to all employees and will demonstrate senior management belief in it through our own personal commitment and involvement.