In today’s competitive market space, technology & services continue to be the biggest differentiators. Consumers shift their loyalty quickly based on what is new and what is apt.Businesses cannot afford to choose between quality and time to market. Several Enterprises have trusted CSoft’s expertise in Quality Assurance to deliver software on time while reducing the overall cost of quality.

Over the last decade, there has been a lot of transformation in philosophy of testing, and several tools have been introduced in the market place. With so many choices around, it has become a real challenge to choose the right testing partner / service provider.Testing industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth in term of offerings, tools, and infrastructure with diverse engagement models. Now, it has become a lot more important for organisations to choose the right testing partner.

Crowd soft delivers Independent Quality Assurance Services backed by its proprietary IP with career testers who are passionate about testing. Crowd soft believes in delivering custom solutions to address nuances of specific problem statement. As a strategic partner, Crowd soft brings comprehensive service offerings in the quality assurance space which accelerate overall test efforts for its clients.