Java Application Development

Java is the most common technology used for enterprise application development. As a leading software consulting company we help our clients realize the benefits Java’s enterprise architecture for web and mobile applications. Our Java development team has proficiency building applications for various industry verticals including financial services, construction, healthcare, education, and entertainment industries.

For many years our Java developers have been building complex and custom business solutions for web and mobile. Our Java Development expertise includes enterprise software application development, Cloud based Software as a Service apps, J2ME mobile applications, application maintenance & enhancement, platform upgradation, and legacy system migration. Whether building enterprise banking solution, a real estate solution, building web back-end with REST API for mobile solutions, or building Java based Android & Blackberry applications for Pharma company, we have handled variety of projects building a lot of domain and technical skills.

Java/ J2EE Application Development offerings include:

Rich User Interface

Powerful, extensible and easier in maintenance applications for desktop, mobile and websites using Java/ J2EE technology


Secure and lightweight web applications using various J2EE Frameworks like Struts, spring, Turbine etc.

Open Architecture

Code needs to be reusable and extendable. We code to interfaces and expose APIs that can be consumed by any subsystem. Business requirements change and it is important to make sure the development philosophy is aligned with business needs.


We design systems and platforms keeping both horizontal and vertical scalability in mind. As partners of Rackspace and Amazon Web Services, we understand redundancy, loadbalancing, failover and ensure your application can withstand spikes and seasonal load.


We create secure enterprise-level solutions integrated into all the elements of your business infrastructure. Our Expertise includes Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), CMS, CRM, Data mining and BI etc.


Our Java development services cover all the necessary components – from e-carts, online marketplaces and web catalogs, to billing, inventory management, and paid subscriptions to enable different types of access to your web solution.


Csoft’s mobile project experience includes Java application development for smartphones, tablets, and mobile web development. WE creates rich and innovative mobile solutions with functional Java-based back-ends.